The kitchen Huaylas Alley is rich and varied protruding pout and humitas the ceremonious Pachamanca rinds with hominy and various sweets among which the biscochuelos chapped blancmange and different types of honey bees.

Typical dishes of the region include:

The picante de cuy: Guinea pig stew cooked to firewood and seasoned with red or yellow pepper, has a variable variable q is an old Jaka cashqui the cuy or broth

The roast pork or Cuchicanca: Piglet marinated in vinegar and roasted, served with boiled potatoes and hominy (dried boiled corn)

Tamales: corn dough stuffed with meat, wrapped in sheets "achira"

Charqui: meat dried and salted pork.

Llunca Kashki with chicken: chicken broth with wheat.

Pecan broth: Broth with tripe ram's head and innards, legs and mint. It is served with boiled potatoes and / or nickname.

Pachamanca: Consists of 3 meats (chicken, lamb and pork) as well as sweet tamal tamale, .oca beans, sweet potatoes, potatoes, rocoto with huacatay and cheese.

Humitas: Some are sweet and savory sweet are prepared from hulled corn with plenty of butter and raisins, salted carry a piece of cheese is covered with corn husks.