Usually you get to Huaraz by road, from Lima by the Pan north to deviate from Pativilca (Km. 202) where the ascent to Huaraz begins.

The journey takes about 8 hours (420km by paved road). There are two alternative routes: Lima-Casma-Huaraz (524km 8 hours away.). O Lima-Santa-Huayanga Huaraz (720 Km., 9 hours), but the road is difficult, however well rewarded by the most beautiful landscapes to cross the Cordillera Negra and the Cordillera Blanca found. Despite the existence of an airport in the town of Ancash, 25 Km. North of Huaraz, the air service is restricted at the moment and there are no flights to regulate flows.

A dry and pleasant climate and a stunning blue sky characterize the days in Huaraz, whose height is 3091 meters. The region has two distinct seasons from May to October is summer time, ideal for sightseeing time; while in November the rainy season, which lasts until the month of April start. The average daytime temperature is 18 ° C with a tendency to cool in the evening, then it reaches a minimum of 9 ° C at night.

It is convenient to use sunglasses and sunscreen for protection from the intense sun of the Andes and bring enough warm to avoid cold night.