Carnival Huarasino 
Celebration that includes the presentation of comparsas. parades and floats. The entry of non Carnavalon and short hills in every neighborhood.

Easter (variable)
Religious holiday very traditional. Includes various processions. the most important are the cross of Christ. The Good Friday. and resurrection of Christ. Easter Sunday.

Feast of the Lord of loneliness 
To celebrate the feast of the Lord of La Soledad, Huaraz reach many people Soledad, Huaraz reach many people in various villages and surrounding communities. The pilgrims are accompanied by bands of musicians to the beat of drums and quenas mark the path.

Anniversary of Huaraz 
One of the most tourist times during the year, as they celebrate the anniversary of Huaraz and is active in various areas of adventure tourism such as skiing in the mountains. canotaje. parapente. delta wings. and mountain biking. Moreover. develop cultural and social activities.

11-15 Patronal Feast of the Lord of Burgos 

In the village of Recuay organize various activities to celebrate its patron saint.

Emphasizes the traditional Dance of the Negritos.23-27 Patronal Feast of the Virgen de las Mercedes
Carhuaz celebrated in devotion to this virgin with traditional processions, bands, musicians, bullfights and fireworks.